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Spicy or Mild ? It’s up to you!
Is all Thai food spicy?

Many people think spicy when they hear about Thai cuisine. But the belief that all Thai food is spicy is actually incorrect.spicy1

Some Thai dishes are in fact spicy, but some are not! Approximately 80% of our dishes have NO hot spices.

Spice is simply just a piece of Thai cuisine, and not a representation of true Thai cooking. At Nakhon Thai in both Kemptville and Brockville, Ontario, we offer an extensive menu filled with different dishes both spicy and mild!

Many delicious, traditional Thai dishes are neutral in terms of spice, but all of them are filled with flavour! Many of our dishes are found in Bangkok, Thailand, but there are many other regions that have diverse and unique cuisines.

For those that are spicy, what makes them spicy is often the red hot chilli pepper! In addition, you’ll find dishes with ginger, garlic, mustards, and curries. However, the stereotype that all Thai dishes are full of spice is simply not the truth. The variety is there, and makes Thai cuisine quite vast, ensuring there’s a dish for everyone.

If you’re looking to experience Thai cuisine, start with Nakhon Thai in Brockville or Kemptville, Ontario