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Nakhon Thai is a family run establishment

Nakhon Thai is a family run establishment, owned and operated by Thai Chef Tan (Suphattra) Masong and her husband, Aaron Orlicky.

The couple met in Thailand in 2000 while Aaron was teaching scuba diving on Phuket Island. Tan began her cooking career at a small Thai take-out in Melbourne, Australia in 2003. This is where she developed her love of cooking Thai food and her passion for people. After 2003, Tan and Aaron started their family (Jessica) in Tan’s home


province of Nakhon Si Thammarat. This is where the restaurant name “Nakhon Thai” stems from, Nakhon translates to “City”.

Aaron and Tan moved their family to Ottawa in late 2006. Tan worked in various Thai restaurants and gained invaluable experience. In April of 2009, Tan and Aaron opened their first Nakhon Thai restaurant in Ottawa’s Little Italy. When in 2011 a chance to open a second restaurant presented itself and Tan and Aaron embraced the opportunity to move into the supportive community of Kemptville.

Tan and Aaron’s number one commitment is to the quality of the food that they prepare for their customers and friends. All sauces, curries, appetizers, soups and main meals are created from scratch to ensure the freshest flavours possible.

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